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Industries Served

Perishables: We ensure that your cargo travels in an unbroken cold chain from the point of origin to the final destination, in close coordination with leading perishables container carriers and service providers.

Our global team of specialists offers customised perishables solutions, ranging from single corridor port-to-port to multiple corridor door-to-door solutions with full end-to-end visibility. Supported by a strong team of local perishables logistics experts around the world, we strive to keep our organization at the forefront of market and technology developments within the perishables sector.

Chemical: We cater for a wide variety of customers across the upstream, downstream and conversion sectors of the chemical industry. By driving knowledge and innovation of both logistics solutions and market developments, we can help optimise your supply chain.

As the chemical industry faces increasing demands for stable and secure deliveries into new and established markets Global Logistics Inc., as one of the leading logistics companies in this sector is at hand to help as we understand the importance of balancing global production efficiencies with local customer requirements.

Pharma: The reliable delivery of healthcare products can be lifesaving. We take this responsibility seriously, so we developed industry-specific solutions to ensure that your sensitive freight is delivered safely, securely and on time worldwide.

From clean and temperature-controlled environments, management of hazardous materials, to in-house IT applications and project management,you can count on global logistics Inc. team of dedicated professionals.

Our customized Healthcare logistics solutions are designed to improve the current complex cross borders and in country distribution and address specific Pharma industry challenges/concerns.

Automotives: The automotive industry is characterized by a large number of product variants and fluctuating production volumes. Every supply chain has to meet high standards in terms of both quality and flexibility. We develop customized, integrated transportation and logistics solutions all over the world always focusing on our key objectives: to reduce costs, streamline processes and make a crucial difference to the quality of the supply chain

Our optimized solutions ensure that your components and vehicles reach their destination quickly and reliably – using the whole range of transportation modes such as road, rail, sea or air freight as well as storage services.

Our logistics services also support your new market entries as well as the planning of new manufacturing facilities. If necessary, we can already contribute when a factory is still at the drawing-board stage. In the era of e-mobility we can offer eco-friendly transportation solutions that will make you stand out from the competition.

Retail: Increased globalization and shorter product lifespan provide additional logistical challenges. The retail industry faces the continuous challenge of having the right products in place, at the right time and at the right cost. Managing and improving margins is a priority for retailers everywhere which has led to an increase in the demand for global direct sourcing strategies and supply chain management, as well as inventory optimization for the retail industry.

At Global Logistics Inc., we understand that visibility, control and responsiveness are keywords in managing the retail supply chain. Our solutions make it possible for you to achieve unprecedented levels of reliability and efficiency in your supply chains, cutting costs whilst providing end-to-end stock keeping unit (SKU)-level visibility.

Fashion: Fast changing trends, increased globalization and a heightened need for full end-to-end visibility, has led to new supply chain challenges for the lifestyle industry. Short life cycles and dramatic seasonal variations place extremely high demands on logistics requirements.

Speed, flexibility and efficiency are the key factors that the fashion industry expects from logistics providers. When high demand for a product creates a rush order, global logistics Inc. can expedite your goods from any area of the world directly to your customer. This is why we work with you to develop a flexible supply management system that leaves you always ready to respond to new market requirements.Global Logistics Inc. has the experience and global expertise to help you.

Others Industries: We at global logistics Inc. believe in accepting each challenge irrespective of the industry and its logistical requirements, and can attain to any heights of impossibilities to make it a successful logistics project.

Whether you are a large multinational company, or a smaller local business, you can be sure that our local experts are on hand to help; ensuring that all shipments reaches their destination, on time and at cost, and that your supply chain is optimized to its fullest.

We have an extensive network of on-the-ground logistics specialist in all corners of the world; ready to help you with your supply chain and transport requirements. We have both global and local experts who understand your business and therefore your individual logistics needs.